Flaw Guide Leak Testing Products

Selection Chart

Developer 2901
Locates exact position of leak by colour change when comes in contact with water or any other polar liquid & gases. Excellent contrast is provided within the product which makes it suitable to use on any surface. Being non-reactive, this product can be used on all metals, glass, ceramics & plastics.
3 in 1 Leak Detector DLC Locates exact position of leak by colour change and also locates surface flaws as in case of visible as well as fluorescent penetrant testing thus carrying 3 tests in one operation. Product is neutral to any metal, glass, ceramics & plastics.
Leak Detector BBL This solvent when applied helps to detect minute leakage of glass bubble technique. Widely used for all types of tank and piping systems. Unlike ordinary soap liquids, this product is non ionic and neutral, hence does not affect any of the metal, plastics. Extremely low halogen & sulphur makes the product suitable for special alloy steels containing Nickel, Titanium etc.
Leak Detector Fluo Most suitable for very large size cooling water tanks. Supplied as fine powder and when added in extremely small production of water in coling tanks(approx 1 to 2 gm per 1000 litres of water) thus makes economically & reliably suitable to test large tanks of very high capacities. Detects micro leaks by showing bright fluorescence at the location of leak when subjected to UV(Black) Light.