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Magnetic Particle Testing stands in as an acronym for MPT, is a methodology to detect flaws in the surface and sub-surface of ferromagnetic materials like iron, cobalt, nickel and its corresponding alloys. MPT as always owned up an edge compared to other NDT technique, as it doesn’t explode the degree of surface preparation, as well as it is relatively faster and easier.

Pradeep NDT is one of the leading manufactures of Magnetic Particle Testing Products in Mumbai and we offer top quality MPT products for our clients.

What MPT products do we offer?

MPT is relatively an inexpensive and fairly easier technique compared to other NDT, but what makes it so easier in Mumbai. Well, the presence of Pradeep NDT.

Pradeep NDT, one of the top Magnetic Particle Testing Products Manufactures in Mumbai, has a long list for your offerings:

Magnetic Particle Testing Machine

These Testing Machine, act in as one of the important tools for magnetization during MPT Process. Also known as Magnetic benches, or magnetizing equipment, these machines generate a magnetic field that induces magnetization over the particular test area thereby finding in defects in ferromagnetic materials.

The varsity for this MPT machine is 3.

  • Portable Yoke Machine
  • Coil Machine
  • Bench Top Machines

And, at Pradeep NDT we manufacture all of them.

Being the leaders in this domain, our machines own up Digital controls, automation and data logging feature, remote control and connectivity options also. While manufacturing these machines we give supreme importance to all the magnetizing parameters such as current, AC or DC magnetization, Magnetization direction which can play a key role in MPT results.

Magnetic Particle Inspection Consumables

Consumable is a second big thing, in the MPT inspection industry. These acknowledgments are crucial for providing magnetic particles and apply suspension in test area. Well, at Pradeep NDT we produce all these consumables.

Magnetic Particles

These colored particles are prepared in a wide range and are used as per the test area’s requirement. Well, the particle choice is sub-sectional to 3 parameters:

  • Surface condition
  • Material
  • Sensitivity level


These are mobile particles, that are used to add a smoothness and carry-ness over a rigid and firm surface. Most probably these carriers are mixed with magnetic particles


Prepared to offer particle distribution and adhesion over the test area. They come in prepared up with two types: Oil-Based and Water Based

Magnetic Particle Testing Accessories

Handful to the main prod cycle we at Pradeep NDT also prepare various other accessories that quite easily optimized your MPT Process. Facilitating to all your needs here are few of our procurements that we do Yokes, Prods, Coil, and Demagnetizers.

Well, all these establishments are possible to elongate with Pradeep NDT at your side. Let us know, your customized requirement and we would be happy to assist.

Why Pradeep NDT has an edge over other Manufactures?

Cycled up exponentially in recent years, and making out our ways to being the best Magnetic Particle Testing Products Manufactures in Mumbai these are the traits we as a company followed.

  • Analyzing the client requirements: We have been the loner in this domain and that is because of our calculated decisions, we take while understanding the exact requirements of the client before coming up with any specific solution.
  • Active cube to Quality: Suffice to bring up the best quality products. We take complete ownership to what we produce. Our results are oriented in top 1% in test setups.
  • Research Oriented Team: We own up a team that is diving deep in the research quarter’s thereby producing something unique and best each day.
  • Wide Product Range: We have sub-section dealing with enormous amounts of products, that can make you do the entire MPT with us.
  • Customer Friendly: We are a customer-oriented company, that takes an ownership in providing best support to there customers 24*7. You can ping to Contact Us Section for more details.

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Well, we are here to support in all possibilities as we are not only the best Magnetic Particle Testing Products Manufactures in Mumbai but also, we are the best mentors to anyone who is confused enough about how to proceed ahead. Moreover, we are committed to providing high-quality MPT products at competitive prices, backed by excellent customer service and support. We believe that our expertise, product range, and commitment to quality make us an ideal partner for all your MPT testing needs. Contact us today to get a quote.


What types of defects can MPT detects?
- MPT detects defects such as cracks, laps, seams, inclusion, and other surface or near-surface discontinuities in different ferromagnetic materials.

Are there any safety consideration MPT?
- Yes, there are safety considerations in MPT. Operators should follow safety guidelines and use proper equipment while carrying out this procedure.

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